Robotic and Other Compounding Devices

Solutions Designed to Keep Your Patients Safe

Your most important responsibility is patient safety, but you are also challenged with controlling costs, protecting staff, and maximizing workflow efficiencies while ensuring regulatory compliance of your sterile compounding environment.

As a strategic part of inclusiv, a comprehensive IV compounding portfolio of integrated technology, software, and service solutions designed to enhance patient safety, robotic and other compounding devices can help protect patients and staff.


KIRO Oncology is a robotic system focused on precision, flexibility, reliability, and safety throughout the highly complex process of compounding oncology medications.

KIRO Fill is an automated compounding device designed to enhance patient safety and optimize operational efficiencies during the production of non-hazardous compounded sterile preparations. KIRO Fill uniquely reduces manual steps and adds automation where it makes the most sense.

Gri-fill® 4 is a semi-automatic compounding system for batch and patient-specific production of non-hazardous and hazardous compounded sterile preparations.

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KIRO Oncology Robotic Compounding System

Achieve accuracy and precision for patient safety, while protecting staff during the production of hazardous compounded sterile preparations.

Visibility and greater control of accuracy via gravimetrics, barcode readers, and cameras

Flexible design: syringes, intravenous (IV) bags, cassettes, and elastomeric pumps

Enclosed, self-cleaning for staff protection

Improved efficiency via innovative software and hardware

Hospital information systems (HIS) interface and multi-device integration

Closed system drug transfer device (CSTD) compatibility for administration safety



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KIRO Oncology

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KIRO Fill Automated Compounding Device

KIRO Fill contributes to enhanced patient safety, optimizes operational efficiencies, and complies with relevant regulatory standards and best practice guidelines.

Automation of key critical and repetitive processes such as capping and filling to ensure consistency

Multiple final container compatibility

Unique design allows loading, unloading, and compounding to occur simultaneously

High-throughput syringe filling of non-hazardous sterile preparations

Hospital information systems (HIS) integration

Small footprint comparable to a standard six foot laminar flow hood

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Gri Fill Semi-automatic compounding system

Semi-automatic compounding for batch and patient-specific production of non-hazardous and hazardous compounded sterile preparations.

In-process checks and validation

Doses from one or two source solutions into a final container including reconstitution and withdraw of diluent from the final container

Efficient and precise dosing via volumetric and/or peristaltic pump for automated filling

Fit inside a biosafety cabinet or isolator

Multiple final container compatibility

Hospital information systems (HIS) integration

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Gri Fill