Gri Fill

Semi-automatic Compounding System


Patient Safety

  • Highly precise dosing via volumetric and/or peristaltic pump for automated filling
  • Reduced risks of contamination and human error
  • In process checks and validation
  • Drug and final container identification by barcode reading

User Safety | Ease of Use

  • Mitigation of repetitive stress and needle-stick injuries
  • Compatibility with closed system drug transfer devices (CSTD)
  • Simple connection to sets and containers
  • Intuitive operation and cleaning procedures

Efficient | Flexible

  • Doses from one or two source solutions, reconstitutes the vial, withdraws it from final container in same cycle of the device
  • Is adaptable to different source solution containers (vials, bags, bottles) and to different final containers: Gri-Bag®, bags, syringes, elastomeric pumps, cassettes, etc.
  • Is able to print custom ID labels (patient-specific and batches)


  • Receives preparations and patient information from an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) interface
  • Remote access to the Gri-fill from the pharmacist’s computer
  • User authentication centralized Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Two Working Modes

  • Stand-alone mode for a single device
  • Centralized mode with up to five Gri-fill devices with a common database

Web-based Management Software

  • Facilitates optimal management of preparation orders
  • Enables real-time tracking of compounded preparations
  • Allows flexible settings via configurable operation parameters
  • Provides preparation reports
  • Delivers full audit trail of the preparation process, user changes and integration events

Compliance | Record Keeping

  • Lot traceability and expiration control
  • Full audit trail of preparation process and changes performed by the user
  • Reporting of preparations and wasted volumes


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Technical Information

  • Size (w x d x h): 7.7″ x 11,6″ x 19.8″ (196 mm x 296 mm x 505 mm)
  • Weight: 26.45 lb (12 kg)
  • Dosage volume range: 2 mL to 3000 mL

About the Portfolio

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